• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Recommended Books – Fri 4/12/13

    This week’s ‘Turn the Page’ recommended ‘read’ comes from conversation on the show about mental health issue and guns and government access to your personal medical history.  Jack called the show …

    John Perry  wrote ‘The Freedom Plan:  An American Answer to Health Care Reform” John is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon from Reading, PA .   Using a “sports medicine” approach he identifies our problem and then methodically and relentlessly establishes the cause of that problem. Only then does he construct a targeted, specific and effective treatment to not only restore America’s health care system, but to make it the best that it can be. Finally, there is a look at competing visions for the future or America; one if we continue on the path we have taken till now and another if the Freedom Plan is adopted. The Freedom Plan is not only a “Declaration of Independence” for patients and health care providers; it is nothing less than a blueprint for an unprecedented age of prosperity for all Americans.

    READER REVIEWS:   The Freedom Plan delivers both an invaluable history of how America became mired in the current health care crisis as well as a reasonable alternative to Obamacare. Perry is an orthopedic surgeon who grew his practice over the past four decades, so he has experienced first-hand the major changes in the way health care has been delivered and paid for during this period.

    Using this expertise, Perry manages to elucidate, in plain style, the very complicated subject of how health care is run in this country and how each of the players–insurance companies, doctors, and patient–are complicit in the current crisis. His solution is a back-to-the-future plan wherein patients and doctors would reestablish a direct relationship that has been corrupted by the intervention of big insurance companies into health care decisions. Moreover, he has a practical solution to pay for health care that eliminates much of the inefficiency embedded in the current system.