• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 6/21/13 ‘Hunger Free Forever: The New Science of Appetite Control’

    This week the AMA voted to recognize obesity as a diease and reommended a number of measures to fight it.  Adult obesity doubled in the last 2 decades and childhood obesity tripled in a single generation.  Our listeners shared a variety of ideas about how we might reverse the trend of obesity in America.  With that in mind I would like to share a book with you that is filled with good information about habits, foods, lifestyle, and healthy weight loss.. ‘Hunger Free Forever’.   It is not a lose weight fast model but a sensible modification in diet and lifestyle.  I hope you are inspired reading it and enjoy the recipes in the back.  It was written by two leading authorities on appetite control, obesity, natural medicine, and food comes a breakthrough in getting healthy and staying slim without starving.  Millions have spent years searching for the perfect diet, one that enables them to lose weight without going hungry, and now they can finally find it — and make it work for life — in Hunger Free Forever.  This blockbuster book gives readers the secret to feeling full while staying fit, revealing for the first time ever the newly discovered PG X® “super fiber.” Simply by taking PG X before or during a meal, readers can painlessly shed pounds without ever feeling starved, because PGX creates and maintains a satisfying sense of fullness. Based on sound clinical research, the Hunger Free program restores normal appetite regulation, eliminating the trap of yo-yo dieting. With plenty of easy-to-prepare recipes, food plans, and valuable information, Hunger Free Forever teaches readers how to eliminate food cravings and never feel deprived.

    By retraining appetite and metabolism, readers will gain the power they need to change their unhealthy relationships with food forever.