• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 2/7/14 ‘The BEATLES Are Here’

    Today is the day the Fab Four arrived at JFK Airport, this morning an historical marker was dedicated at the airport.  For those of us who remember being part of the phenomenon it’s hard to imagine 50 years have gone by.  For those of us who are too young to remember it’s just plain ‘hard to imagine’ the whole surreal phenomenon.  No musical group has made such an impact musically or socially since the Beatles arrived.  Penelope Rowlands was there and she takes all of us ‘there’ in her book        ‘The BEATLES Are Here.’  She shares the experience so that we all can share it by osmosis.The book details her experience and that of others:  writers, musicians, fans and non-fans.  The impact of this group comes through the pages from so many perspectives giving you a glimpse into the beginning of the British Invasion and the start of a decade of change.  Listen to a conversation with author Penelope Rowlands here.