• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 2/14/14 ‘JUSTICE or Just This’

    This week the Governor of Washington declared there would be no executions in his state while he is Governor.  There are 9 men on death row in Washington.  This story started a days long conversation.  We talked about the about Capital Punishment,  the Justice system and the disproportional numbers of African American prisoners relative to the numbers of Whites who commit the same crimes.  In light of this I am sharing a book written a few years ago by Berks County Trial Court Judge Jeffrey Sprecher.  He explores in great detail factors that attribute to Pennsylvania’s prison population increasing 7-fold from 1982 to 2010 and the fact that is was consistently low between 1940 and 1980,  The turning point was the establishment of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing.  “JUSTICE or Just This? A Constitutional Trespass” is an easy read and will enlighten the reader as to how and why the system works as it does.