• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 1/3/14 ‘Never Give In To Fear’

    Welcome to 2014 !  Our first ‘Turn The Page’ feature lf the new year had to be an inspriational read about new beginnings, after all that is what a new year is all about.  Look no further than Marti Mac Gibbon’s memoir “Never Give Into Fear.  Laughing All The Way Up From Rock Bottom”.  This is an Indie Excellence Finalist that was given a Clarion Five Star Review for good reason.  With humility and raw honesty Marti shares her life story that reads like a novel but is a very real account of spiraling descent into addiction and a fearless journey to recovery.  Marti is a  certified addiction treatment professional, standup comic, and humorous motivational speaker.  She teaches us all how to look closely into our own mirrors with a sense of humor as we endeavor to recover from our life’s foibles and start anew.  This book may be just the motivational read you need for a brand new start in this new year. Marti’s conversation is endearing, if you missed it listen here and add this book to your 2014 library.