• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 11/22/13 ‘Comet ISON: The Real Story’ in Astronomy Magazine

    About  a year ago two astronomers discovered this comet and excitement has been rippling through the scientific community which led to the Comet ISON being billed as ‘the comet the century’!  The speculation is that Comet ISON may be the brightest comet anyone how alive has ever soon.  I welcomed David Eicher, editor-in-chief of Astronomy Magazine,  to the show to share the real story of this comet.  Dave not only clarified the speculation he spoke about the history and impact of comets over the centuries.  If you missed the show you can listen here to the Dave Eicher ISON comet conversation with Jo Painter.  Dave also told us about his latest book “COMETS! Visitors from Deep Space“.