• ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 1/10/14 ‘The Angel Effect’

    Angels ….what a phenomenon!  Some see them, some interact with them, some talk to them, some just feel their presence, still others feel the phenomenon is a function of the brain.  What do you think?   Maybe you or someone you know has had such an experience.  John Geiger explored the phenomenon within the extreme adventurer community and wrote an international bestseller called “The Third Man Factor”.  In the process he discovered that the Third Man Factor experience is prevalent far beyond the extreme adventurer community.  He was not prepared for the flood of responses from ordinary people claiming to have been visited by a presence during times of duress.  John was compelled to delve further and “The Angel Effect” is the culmination of countless interviews with ordinary people.  John draws no conclusions for you.  He’s interviewed neurologists, psychologist, and psychiatrists, sociologists, historians, and theologians in a quest to understand.  John has pieced together compelling discoveries about the human brain, the spiritual world , the human capacity for hope.  Read this book and draw your own conclusions.  Click here to hear a conversation with John Geiger on the Jo Painter Show.