• Straight Talk May 14th, 2019

    Listen To Your Body And Regain Your Health, by Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Author, Larisa Sharipova, MD, is “A Guide To Your Transformational Journey To Abundant Health, A Happy Life, And Loving Relationships”. Listen, as Dr. Sharipova, explains why our bodies need to maintain a healthy acidic-alkaline balance to prevent inflammation, which is a major cause of many diseases and illnesses.The discussion continues with an in depth understanding, that we can now change how our genes express themselves. These two topics, plus many more will have you wanting to listen over and over again, and then you’ll want  get your own copy of this wonderful book.

    Listen HERE: http://weeu.com/wp-content/uploads/StraightTalk051419.mp3

    Link: www.holisticexpert.com