• Straight Talk June 4th, 2019

    College Secrets of Highly Successful People, by College Advisors, and Authors, Lindy and Tom Schneider, is truly a handbook to discover the “Keys to Launching a Great Life.”There is plenty of motivational and practical advice in this wonderful book. After extensive research, they have discovered thirteen principles that all highly successful people have in common. Famous people like Bill Gates, Oprah, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few, are  prime examples as to what to do, and whom you get to know in college, that  can make a profound difference in your own success. You’ll love the true life stories of the famous and not-so-famous people, who will inspire you to attain your highest potential from your college experiences. 

    Listen HERE: http://weeu.com/wp-content/uploads/StraightTalk060419.mp3