• Straight Talk – February 26, 2018

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    In The Enemy’s House, by multiple New York Times Bestselling Author, Howard Blum, is a riveting non-fiction story of “The Secret Saga of The FBI Agent And The Code Breaker Who Caught The Russian Spies”. Listen as author Blum masterfully connects the dots from the post-WW II plot by the Russians, to steal America’s secrets, about the Atomic Bomb, to the Russians current plot to sway the outcome of the 2016 election. Listen, as Nick and Howard, discuss such critical topics as The Steele Dossier; Fake News; the so-called, Witch Hunt; The F.I.S.A.Court, and the potential firing of Robert Mueller, just to name a few. Factually engaging, incredibly interesting, and deadly serious conversation, will hold your attention from beginning to end!

    Link: www.howardblum.com