• Straight Talk – August 20, 2014

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    The Supplement Pyramid, by Senior Health Scientist for Life Extension Foundation, Doctor and Author, Michael A. Smith, M.D. is the “everything you ever wanted to know about supplements” book. If you’ve ever had any doubts, like most of us, about what to take, how much to take, and whether to take supplements at all, your questions are answered in this most amazing book! Listen as Dr. Smith explains the three level of his Supplement Pyramid: The Foundation Level, what everyone should be taking;The Personalization Level, what you uniquely need for your good health, and The Optimization Level, what you should be taking, to live a healthier and longer life. All of Dr. Smith’s work is backed by the latest scientific research! You are going to love this interview and book!

    Link: www.mysupplementpyramid.com