• Straight Talk – April 30, 2018

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    Genius Foods , by Filmmaker, TV personality, and science journalist, Max Lugavere, is your path to how to “Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive, While Protecting Your Brain For Life.” Max is a regular “core expert” on the Dr. Oz Show, and has been featured on “The Doctors”, and writes for the Wall Street Journal, to name a few of his accomplishments. This great book is already a New York Times best-seller, because Max explains in layman’s terms how to take care of your brain health. In this incredibly engaging interview, he discusses: the causes of dementia, and  good dietary strategies affecting the brain. In addition, he  explains the difference between good fats vs bad fats, the benefit of eating eggs, and a whole host of healthy food choices to not just increase your “life” span, but to increase your “health” span!

    Link: www.maxlugavere.com