• Straight Talk, April 29th 2019

    Gold In The Cracks, by international fashion designer, empowerment coach, founder of the fashion house of St. Pucchi, wedding designer to the stars, and author, Rani St. Pucchi,promotes total self transformation to ” Move from shattered to whole and reveal your light”. Listen,as she describes her personal journey of incredible success in the wedding fashion design industry, to taking a deep look inward to discover her true self. Gold in The Cracks is a beautiful metaphor for how we can fill in the cracks of the pain and sadness of our lives, with self awareness, self love, and self healing. You’ll learn of the Japanese art of repair called, “Kintsugi”, and how we can use it metaphorically, to heal ourselves. Very powerful interview!
    Link: www.ranistpucchi.com

    LISTEN HERE: http://weeu.com/wp-content/uploads/StraightTalk042919.mp3