• Spike Mike

    Do you have the pro football knowledge to out-pick WEEU’s Mike Keller?
    If so, don’t miss your chance to win cold, hard cash
    when you SPIKE MIKE!

    Look for the SPIKE MIKE entry form
    in the Tuesday and Wednesday Reading Eagle,
    make your NFL picks and mail your entry by midnight on Saturday.
    If your picks beat Mike’s, listen for your name
    on The WEEU Morning Show Fridays at 8:05 a.m.
    If Mike calls your name, you have 8 minutes and 30 seconds

    to call and claim your $500 cash prize, and become a finalist
    for the THE GRAND PRIZE OF $5,000!

    Week 1 winner – Juan Rivera-Holderman ($500)
    Week 2 winner – Janet Satz ($500)
    Week 3 winner – WINNER DID NOT CALL
    Week 4 winner – Judy Bean ($1000)
    Week 5 winner – Lori Donald ($500)
    Week 6 winner – WINNER DID NOT CALL
    Week 7 winner – Robert Clark ($1000)
    Week 8 winner – WINNER DID NOT CALL
    Week 9 winner – Peggy Welsh ($1000)
    Week 10 winner – Jean Ohlinger ($500)