• Sixers Draft

    The Philadelphia 76ers continued to build for their future Thursday night in the NBA Draft. After top prospects Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker went in the first two picks, the Sixers used the 3rd overall pick on injured Kansas center Joel Embiid, who may not play at all next season after undergoing surgery on a broken foot. The Sixers took PG Elfrid Payton with the 10th overall pick, then traded him to Orlando for the rights to European PF Dario Saric, who’s expected to continue playing in Europe for at least two more years. In the second round, the Sixers wound up with forwards K.J.McDaniels (Clemson) & Jerami Grant (Syracuse) and Tennessee guard Jordan McRae; the Sixers also took Louisville PG Russ Smith in the 2nd Round and traded him to New Orleans for D-League guard Pierre Jackson.

    So how did the Sixers do? Here’s what NBA writer Mattt Moore said on cbssports.com:

    Losers:  Philadelphia 76ers season-ticket holders: They sat through a year of absolute misery, suffering through the tank effort that was supposed to lead to a payoff. Instead, Sixers fans are looking at another year of absolute tanking. The Sixers did nothing to get better for opening night Thursday. Philadelphia’s not a loser, because Joel Embiid and Dario Saric could wind up being very good. Key word: good. We don’t know if Embiid’s injuries will derail his career or if Saric will eventually come over and, if so, what he’ll be. Maybe it’ll work out but they needed to nail this draft and instead they get an incomplete and their fans get a “So… who’s excited for another year of Thaddeus Young hating his life?”

    Oh, which reminds me:

    Thaddeus Young: Left Behind, Part II.

    Ouch ….