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    Feedback is an interactive call-in talk show that’s hosted by “Mighty” Mike Faust. The topics include: politics, national & state news, local happenings & events, property tax reform, current event news items, gardening, home-remedies, and anything that is of interest to the callers. If it affects your life, chances are we’re talking about it on Feedback.

    Callers get four minutes no more than five to make their point. We have guests from time to time on different topics. We also take the show on the road where callers get to interact with the host and his guests. They also get a chance to win a prize from the WEEU goodie bag.

    If you have an opinion on something and you want to talk about it, pick up your phone and give us a call!

    The contact numbers are (610) 374-8800 or toll-free 1-800-323-8800.

    Latest Posts from Feedback

    30th Annual Mukden Reunion Show

    On Friday, October 4th Feedback host Mike Faust welcomed four survivors of the Mukden Japanese Prison Camp to the program. Randall Edwards, Ralph Griffith, Erwin Johnson, and Robert Rosendahl told … Read more >>>

    Will School Property Taxes ever be eliminated here in Pennsylvania?

    The state Legislature will be returning from thier summer recess later next month. Many are hoping that HB 76 & SB 76, The School Property Tax Independence Act will get … Read more >>>

    What do you think of the AMA’s decision to call obesity a disease?

    The American Medical Association has decided to reclassify obesity as a disease hoping this will result in greater access to care and treatment. What do you think? Will this help … Read more >>>

    Will passenger rail service ever be restored here in Reading?

    BARTA held an open house event earlier this week to unveil their newly restored facility at 7th & Franklin streets. The former rail and bus hub, which was built in … Read more >>>

    FDA approves Morning-After pill for 15-year olds without a prescription

    Do you agree with the Food & Drug Aministration’s decision to allow the Plan-B One-Step morning after pill to be available to all woman ages 15 & up without any … Read more >>>

    The Steve Moyer Subaru Shake!

    The Steve Moyer Subaru Shake!

    Check out the Steve Moyer Subaru Shake that was recorded LIVE on Feedback on Wednesday, April 17th at Steve Moyer Subaru in Leesport.… Read more >>>

    WEEU Steve Moyer Subaru Shake Dance 4/17

    On Wednesday, April 17th we’ll be broadcasting live at Steve Moyer Subaru on Route 61 in Leesport. At 11am we’re going to film the first-ever WEEU Steve Moyer Subaru Shake … Read more >>>

    Should gay marriage be recognized in the United States?

    U.S. Supreme Court Justices will consider whether the Constitution protects a right to gay marriage, and if so, under what circumstances, in the context of California’s Proposition 8, which bans … Read more >>>

    Should our State Legislature vote to eliminate school property taxes?

    In a couple of weeks two new bills are expected to be introduced in Harrisburg that would totally eliminate our school property taxes: House Bill 76 & Senate Bill 76. … Read more >>>

    Should the U.S. Mint continue to make the one-cent piece?

    We discussed this age-old question this week on Feedback: Does it make sense for the Government to spend almost 2.5 cents to make a single penny? Canada phased out their … Read more >>>