• National Dog Show Interviews

    Check out these interviews with participants in the upcoming National Dog Show presented by Purina at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

    Louise Schroll, Rat Terrier Presenter.  This will be the first year that Rat Terriers can compete in The National Dog Show.

    Britney Graham, Handler.  Britney will be handling and showing dogs at The National Dog Show.

    Stacy McWilliams, Rat Terrier Breeder.  5 of Stacy’s Rat Terriers will be competing at The National Dog Show.

    Bill Burland, Show Chairman.  Bill has been the Show Chairman for the Kennel Club of Philadelphia since 2006.

    Kathy Carson, President of Carson International.  Kathy and Carson International have been coordinating the National Dog Show for the pas 12 years.

    Steve Griffith, Director of PR for The Kennel Club of Philadelphia.  Steve has been involved with The National Dog Show since 2002 and is the General Manager of Vizion Group PR.

    Lourdes Edlin, Dog Trainer.  Lourdes co-owns an animal training related business.