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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Raccoon Steals Kid’s Phone

    A college kid in Kentucky had his phone stolen by a raccoon who apparently had to make a very important call. I WAS TRYNNA VIDEO A RACCOON AND IT JUST PICKED UP MY PHONE AND TOOK OFF pic.twitter.com/sFWxdnkxbw — Guy Williams (@ThatShamuGuy) October 12, 2016

    Tortoise Toasts The Hair

    Slow and steady wins the race… again!

    Front Porch Fishing

    A family whose neighborhood was flooded by Hurricane Matthew decided to make the best of a terrible situation and do a little front porch fishing!

    Female Football Player Viral Sensation

    Kelly Macnamara is the first female football player in North Penn High School history and is now a viral video star!  Macnamara, a sophomore, is the team’s kicker and punter, and a video of her flattening an opposing punt returner during her team’s 33-14 win over Central Bucks East on Sunday has nearly leveled the internet. […]

    Giant Slingshot Shoots Bowling Balls

    A German man who loves slingshots took it to the next level when he created a giant wooden slingshot capable of flinging a bowling ball more than 300 feet.

    Dad of the Year!

    This dad out did the rest of us when he made an American Ninja Warrior course in his backyard for his daughter!

    Two Headed Snake in Idaho

    A world record sword swallower found a two headed snake in the parking lot of the University of Idaho.

    Most Sampled Beat

    Does this sound familiar? It should, it’s the most sampled drum loop over the past 30 years.

    What Color Is This Purse

    What Color Is This Purse

    The internet just can’t decide what color this purse is.  Some say white. Some say blue. What say you?  

    New British Banknotes Can Play Records

    Who knows how or why, but a British man figured out that the country’s new banknotes can be used to play a record.