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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Amazing Wheel of Fortune Solves

    This guy may be just too good at Wheel of Fortune!

    Sitcom Smackdown Champion!

    Sitcom Smackdown Champion!

    Championship Match-up: Cheers vs Seinfeld – Cheers claims the Sitcom Smackdown Championship with 54% of the vote! While others are eager to find out which college basketball team will be crowned the best in the land, The WEEU Morning Show is looking to determine which of these 32 popular TV sitcoms is Berks County’s favorite! Your votes […]

    Picture credit: Phillies.com

    Scott Franzke Talks Phillies Baseball

    Phillies radio play-by-play voice, Scott Franzke, joined us this morning on The WEEU Morning Show to talk about the club’s youth movement, outlook and more! To hear our chat with Scott, click here!

    No Front Wheel? No Problem!

    A cyclist lost his front wheel during a race, but he didn’t let that stop him!  Watch this video from Yahoo that show’s the rider popping a wheelie as he rides the course.

    Man Arrested for NOT Returning Movie

    A North Carolina man was arrested for not returning a VHS tape that he rented 14 years ago. As you would imagine, the rental store has since closed, but the warrant lived on! Get the complete story from WSOTV.com.

    Cops Called to Scene of an Eagle Fight

    While police are used to getting called in to break up fights and other disputes, this was probably a first… Police in Maine were called to the scene of a fight between two bald eagles.  Check out the video from Inside Edition.  

    The Berks County Spelling Bee Champ!

    The Berks County Spelling Bee Champ!

    A big thanks to the Berks County Spelling Bee Champion, Caroline Allen, and her mom, Kristin, for joining us on The WEEU Morning Show. Good luck at the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

    Who Wants to Drink Beer & Travel?

    If you think getting paid to drink beer and travel sounds like fun, then this internship with World of Beer may be for you…

    Watch this Terrifying Trailer for “The Shallows”

    Check out this intense and terrifying trailer for “The Shallows” which hits theaters this summer.

    Woman Disappears on Live TV

    One second she’s there, the next she’s gone! Watch this clip from a Danish newscast where it appears a woman disappears on live TV. Where do you think she went?