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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Angry Ostrich Grabs Phone

    A man who was trying to film an ostrich, found out the hard way that the big birds are not fans of the paparazzi.

    Buddy’s Watchin’ You

    In honor of the passing of former Eagles head coach, Buddy Ryan, check out this video Eagles’ players rapping a song called, “Buddy’s Watchin’ You!”

    World’s Tallest Bonfire

    A town in Norway built, then burned the world’s tallest bonfire (156 feet).  For more, check out the report from WPXI in Pittsburgh.

    Coca-Cola Pool

    For no apparent reason, video blogger Taras Miksimuk decided to fill a 1500 gallon pool with Coca-Cola, 200 pounds of ice and a bucket of Mentos.  They then jumped in and crashed a drone into the sugary pool.

    Mayfly Invasion

    A bridge in Illinois was quite a scene this weekend when swarms of inch-long mayflies covered the road and blanketed cars. The scene was captured along the Illinois River in two photos shared by the Havana Police Department on Monday morning in the post below:

    Jay Leno’s Wild Ride

    Jay Leno is in for one heck of a ride in an upcoming episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

    Sky High Glass Slide

    For just $33 dollars you can take a ride down this 45 foot Skyslide that’s 1,000 feet up in the air and connects the 69th & 70th floors of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.  But, if you’re scared of heights or just want to save the $33 dollars, watch this AP reporter take […]

    Girl Gets Stuck In Barney Head

    A 15-year-old Alabama girl at a sleepover party wanted to scare her friends and, in the process, got stuck in a giant Barney dinosaur head.  Firefighters were needed to rescue the girl from her predicament. Watch this news report from CBS19:

    New Ghostbusters Theme

    If you weren’t excited for the new Ghostbusters move, listening to the film’s new theme song is NOT going to help.

    Texas Woman Wakes Up With British Accent

    A Texas woman woke up from jaw surgery with a British accent.  To learn more, watch this video from CBS News: View More: Health News|Live News|More News Videos