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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Dog Slides Down Driveway

    A man from New York state captured the below viral video of his dog trying to find her footing on an ice covered driveway. Her attempts at traction came up short and she was forced to endure a slow slide. Icy Morning in Binghamton NY.. I had to record my dogs trying to get up […]

    600 Reasons Why AFV Is Iconic

    In honor of America’s Funniest Home Videos’ 600 episode, here are 600 shots that have helped make this show a piece of TV history!

    Backyard Luge Run

    A dad in Utah and many of his 15 children spent 10 hours a day over their Christmas break building a ice luge run around the family’s home that has become a family tradition. It measures in at 300 feet long and is more than 20 seconds of joyriding winter fun for the kids.

    Guy Tosses iPhone Off of World’s Tallest Building

    A guy went to Dubai and threw a new iPhone 7 off of the world’s tallest building to see what would happen. Shockingly, the iPhone broke.

    Who Thinks of These World Records?

    A pair of Vietnamese circus performers set a Guinness World Record for “Most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head.”

    Luggage Prison Escape Attempt

    A 25-year-old Venezuelan woman was arrested after attempting to smuggle her boyfriend out of prison in a suitcase. A woman was busted for trying to smuggle her lover out of prison in a suitcase https://t.co/aGQih9w8gA pic.twitter.com/5PkNojhzct — New York Post (@nypost) January 12, 2017

    You Can Help Choose New Monopoly Pieces

    From January 10 to January 31 you can visit www.VoteMonopoly.com and help choose which pieces you’d like to see in the new version of the game, called Token Madness. Voters will be able to select from over 50 token options, including the eight that are currently available.

    Woman Falls Asleep On Train, Wakes Up in Train Wash

    A woman in Ireland who fell asleep during her morning train ride awoke to find herself in the middle of the train wash. When you miss your stop and wake up in the ” luas wash ” …. 🙈 #luas #dublinluas #disasterofamonday pic.twitter.com/g9hM8fmGLr — Aoife Kelly (@miss_imdb) January 9, 2017

    ‘Caddyshack’ Boat For Sale

    A yacht for sale in Maryland may be in need of a little work, but is still drawing attention due to its major selling point… it appeared in the movie Caddyshack.

    Georgia Tech Swim Team Snow Fun

    The men’s swim team at Georgia Tach made the most of their meet being snowed out by donning their Speedos and practicing their moves in the newly fallen snow.