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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Raccoon’s Sticky Situation

    A raccoon in search of a snack had to be rescued after its head became stuck in a sticky peanut butter jar.

    Flying Cockroach Attacks Reporter

    A California reporter had an unexpected encounter with a flying cockroach looking for it’s time in the spotlight. Ahhhhh: Flying cockroach jumps on @mcdade_mb before her live shot on the @KTLA 5 News at 10p! #RoachBomb pic.twitter.com/ZjbC8NDMuv — Marcus Wilson-Smith (@MarcusSmithKTLA) August 3, 2017

    Odd Mascot

    A Japanese pharmaceutical company has unveiled their brand new mascot for their one of their products.  The Tokyo-based Co. introduced its new mascot Kan-chan, which resembles a giant home enema kit with blushing cheeks, yellow feet and a smiling beak. はじめまして!「かんちゃん」です。 これから、いろいろな場所に行く予定だよ。 みんな よろしくね。 pic.twitter.com/AACOP6H9nC — イチジク製薬株式会社 (@ichijikuseiyaku) August 2, 2017

    George Costanza Mannequin

    Actor Jason Alexander tweeted out a picture of an eerily familiar-looking mannequin he spotted in a store window. Don’t know who made these mannequins. But if anyone puts glasses on the one 2nd from the left, there will be a lawsuit. pic.twitter.com/hGXk13S8Yt — jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) August 3, 2017

    Basketball Connect 4

    This may be the greatest marriage of sport and board game in the history of mankind!

    Dog Surfing Championship

    A group of talented canines gathered in California for the World Dog Surfing Championships!

    Plane Creates a Plane

    During a test flight, Boeing pilots traced the silhouette of the plane itself into the sky over 22 states.

    4th Grade Guardian of the Galaxy

    A 9-year-old has applied for NASA’s much talked about “planetary protection officer” position and the agency responded! When 4th grader and self-proclaimed “Guardian of the Galaxy”, Jack, wrote to us about applying for a job, we replied https://t.co/932pj3Q50B pic.twitter.com/RhcGdnzGAw — NASA (@NASA) August 4, 2017

    Light Pole Thief

    A man in the Netherlands was pulled over for driving around with stolen light poles strapped to the top of his car!

    Pogo Stick Jumping Record

    An American has set an Guinness World Record on his Pogo stick!