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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Santa Crash Landing

    This Santa was looking to dramatically deliver an Elf on a Shelf to a lucky girl, but the landing did not go as planned.

    Cheerleader Trick is REAL!

    The invisible box stepping Texas cheeleader made an appearance on the Today Show to show everyone that her gravity defying trick is for real!

    Cheerleader Defies Gravity

    A Texas high school cheerleader showed off her unusual gravity defying skills by appearing to step on an invisible box. challenge accepted pic.twitter.com/QQ1JWbkXx0 — ariel (@arielo1220) December 2, 2017 but wait, there’s a pt 2 pic.twitter.com/b8JBgeRZdh — ariel (@arielo1220) December 2, 2017

    Space Pizza!

    Astronauts on the International Space Station recently had a pizza night!

    Stolen Starman Nutcracker

    A human-sized nutcracker that was modeled after legendary rocker David Bowie has been recovered after being stolen from an exhibition.

    Squirrel Felon

    A New Jersey police department said they have found the vandal responsible for damaging a city’s Christmas light display.

    Silverdome Implosion: Part Deux

    If at first you don’t succeed…  try again! The Silverdome implosion…finally won in overtime.#GameOver #Silverdome #Take2 pic.twitter.com/jN5XYFSZBh — Alicia Smith (@wxyzalicia) December 4, 2017

    Silverdome Implosion Fail

    The former home of the Detroit Lions was supposed to be imploded yesterday…  it didn’t go as planned.

    Runaway Horse

    A horse bucked its rider and ended up going for a solo run from a farm to the downtown Phoenixville area.

    Self Serve Waffle House

    Following a night of drinking, a man decided to walk to a local Waffle House for a bite to eat. To his surprise, the staff was asleep. So, he helped himself. Don’t worry, once the staff was awake he paid for his meal.