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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Billiards World Record

    A French billiards player went to Las Vegas to claim the Guinness World Record for “longest usable pool cue.”

    Pigeon CPR

    A woman is Scotland was caught giving a pigeon CPR. Meanwhile in Glasgow… #pigeonCPR pic.twitter.com/0zkUNguwwR — Charlotte (@Charlismyname) April 18, 2017

    A British Daredevil in Australia

    A British daredevil went to a city in Australia to film his climb to the top of a crane more than 650 feet above the ground.

    Edible Water Bottle

    Meet the Ooho bubble. An edible beverage container.

    Dangling Truck

    A crash in Massachusetts left a garbage truck hanging precariously from the side of a retaining wall. Langley Rd. pic.twitter.com/1FpiCzRyP1 — Newton Fire (@NewtonFireDept) April 19, 2017

    Kiss a Car

    A woman won a brand new car by keeping her lips locked on a Kia for 50 hours! 

    Ball O’Snakes

    A North Carolina woman was startled after spotting several mating snakes bundled together in a ball on the side of a trail.

    Toilet Troubles

    A woman’s plan to unclog her toilet by hand did not go as planned.

    World’s Oldest Person

    117-year-old Jamaican, Violet Brown, is the newest oldest person in the world.

    Gator Drain

    A group of men in Louisiana captured a 7-foot alligator that crawled out of a storm drain behind an elementary school.