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    Cereal Smackdown

    Cereal Smackdown

    While some brackets determine which college basketball team will be crowned the nation’s best, we here on The WEEU Morning Show are looking to determine which of these 32 cereals are the top dog here in Berks County! Your votes will help decide which of these cereals will advance throughout our bracket style tournament.  MAY […]

    Ohio Kangaroo Crossing Sign

    This kangaroo crossing sign in Ohio was put up as a prank and remained there for years before it was eventually taken down by officials. Huh….Clintonville kangaroo crossing? Please advise, @pearsola #aussie #kangaroo #waitwhereami #asseenincolumbus A post shared by Cam Ely (@camely7) on Oct 20, 2015 at 3:19pm PDT

    3D Printed House

    This 3D printer house costs only $10,000.

    Heart Warming Wrong Number

    A wrong number text has left the internet with all of the feels. Syd accidentally sent pics of her dress to the wrong number and this was their response 😂 pic.twitter.com/SWmcqSFiqh — Mandi Miller ❂ (@bbymandi) March 8, 2018

    Peacock Pursuit

    A man who stole a peacock was chased down after the theft by the remainder of the flock.

    The Gumball Bandit

    This unidentified man stole a giant gumball machine by crawling through a doggy door.

    Jack Hammer Snake Removal

    Snake Catchers in Australia were forced to use a jackhammer to remove a deadly snake.

    Robo Jockey

    Robots can now ride horses… we’re doomed.

    Wheel Dragger

    This truck lost two wheels, but they remained semi-attached…

    Hair Raising Spring Breaker

    This PA gentleman gave Florida officers a good laugh with his spring break “attire.”