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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    The Last Watch

    HBO has announced that a documentary about the making of the final season of Game of Thrones will debut on May 26th.

    Speedy Tuk Tuk

    A pair of cousins took a modified this three wheeled vehicle to reach speeds of over 74 mph to set a new World Record. Annddd he’s done it! Congratulations to @MattEverard7 who’s set a new record for the fastest autorickshaw/Tuk-Tuk (prototype) with a speed of 119.54kph (74.306 mph). Look at him go! 💨 pic.twitter.com/XKQobellWk — […]

    Flying Bounce House

    A security camera happened to catch the moment when this bounce house took flight!

    GoT Handgate

    First it was an out of place coffee cup, and now it’s an extra hand that is gaining Game of Thrones some unwanted attention. #Jaime still has his right hand in #GOTS8E5 😂 WTF???#GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/z9eXD0wKwM — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfT57476878) May 13, 2019

    A Whale of a Close Call

    This would definitely get your attention when you’re on the open seas.

    High Load, Little Car

    I’m pretty sure this is illegal no matter what country it’s in.

    Putin Stumbles

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s victory lap after an exhibition hockey game wasn’t quite as graceful as he would have liked. Russian President Vladimir Putin took a fall as he waved to the crowd during an ice-hockey game in Sochi. He scored eight goals during the exhibition match in what has become a yearly tradition. https://t.co/x0mN62qQoY […]

    Yearbook Pooch Pic

    This service dog got a prime spot in a high school yearbook.

    Speedy Pigeon

    This pigeon was caught on a traffic camera going over the speed limit.

    Most Reckless Driver Ever

    This guy in Florida first got in trouble for this stunt, then got in trouble for something much worse.