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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    It’s The Year of the Pickle!

    Would you give a go to pickle ice cream?

    Hot Wheels Turns 50

    How much do you know about one of the most popular toys of all time?

    Weighted iPhone Case

    Now you can workout AND text at the same time!

    Weighted Down Marathoner

    A man set a World Record in Wisconsin by running a marathon with a 100lbs weight.   Will Kocken broke the Guiness World Record for fastest marathon carrying a 100 pound pack! #cgbm18 #itspersonal A post shared by Cellcom Green Bay Marathon (@cellcomgreenbaymarathon) on May 20, 2018 at 12:30pm PDT

    Police Offer Odd Assistance

    A Texas police department tweeted out an unusual offer to help drug dealers get rid of their competition. Feel free to retweet and share to help us get the word out! pic.twitter.com/BaVB8PeBIZ — Rowlett PD (@Rowlett_PD) May 18, 2018

    Tangled Tails

    The Nebraska Humane Society raced into action in order to help rescue a group of baby squirrels whose tails had become tangled together.


    A Florida graduate’s Twitter campaign earned enough attention to provide Crocs for all of her female classmates to sport for their graduation. Thank you @Crocs for making Graduation extra special 💚 pic.twitter.com/8vej7hWdPx — Sarah Agee (@sarahagee11) May 16, 2018

    A Melon Mess

    A truck in Taiwan caused quite the mess when it lost it’s load of watermelons onto a roadway.

    A Ryan Reynolds Surprise

    Ryan Reynold’s made a surprise appearance on a Korean singing competition show…

    World’s Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course

    Are you ready to take on 1,625 feet of inflatable obstacles?