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    What A Catch!

    Gymnastics coach Vitali Laurentide showed off his reflexes when he made the catch of the day at the 2016 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Championships. In the video below you can see the gymnast was practicing on the uneven bars before the competition. That’s when she fell off the bars and looked as if she was […]

    Reporter Saves Man on Live TV

    A Houston reporter for ABC13 saved a man from rising flood waters on live TV!  

    Bulldozer Battle

    Competing construction workers in China battle with bulldozers!

    7 Hour Movie Trailer

    A Swedish filmmaker made an experimental movie that runs for a mind blowing 30 days. The movie won’t be released until 2018, but until then you can take a vacation day and enjoy this 7 hour trailer.  

    Real or Fake: Snowboarder Chased by Bear

    Snowboarder Kelly Murphy posted this video earlier this week of her snowboarding down a hill in Japan with a bear (allegedly) chasing not too far behind. Most of the internet seems pretty sure that the bear is CGI’d into the shot, but real or fake, it’s gotten millions views. It looks fake to me, but […]

    It’s a Zombie Apocalypse

    These three brothers took the wisdom tooth anesthesia video to a whole new level, when they convinced their sister (who just had the surgery) that she was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

    That is NOT a Catfish!

    YouTube user Lance Burgos thought he had a catfish on the other end of his line, but when he pulled it up he found a huge gator!

    Putt, Putt, Putt, Putt, Putt, Putt

    INCREDIBLE!! @TheBig_Easy suffers a NIGHTMARE at #TheMasters hitting a 10 on a par 4. #GoingForGreen #Golf pic.twitter.com/ef9brhINM5 — FOX Sports Asia (@FOXSportsAsia) April 7, 2016

    Hunters Bag Giant Gator

    Two Florida hunters were able to track down and shoot a monstrous alligators (15 foot, 800+ pounds) that was helping itself to cows from a local farm.  Check out the pictures from Fox 11 in Los Angeles’ Twitter page. Florida hunters capture 15-foot gator that was snacking on their cattle. https://t.co/TYZ0RfFuBh pic.twitter.com/f3qQaYMNpx — FOX 11 […]

    When Escalators Attack

    An escalator at the Wells Fargo Center had enough of the Flyers fans that were making their way out of the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday afternoon. Watch as the Orange and Black’s fans were violently thrown off the escalator when the staircase abruptly sped up. For more and to see the video watch this report […]