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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Entertaining Air Drummer

    The best part of Sunday’s match-up between the Ravens and the Bills wasn’t on the football field—it was in the stands. The best thing I saw yesterday? This guy from the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band playing PERFECT air drums to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”: pic.twitter.com/uKxtXue0PM — Prescott Rossi (@PrescottRossi) September 10, 2018

    Dog Says, “Mama”

    A mother who was trying to get her child to say, “mama,” got quite the shock.


    Do you prefer your Alex Trebek with or without the beard?             View this post on Instagram                     To beard, or not to beard: that is the question. Vote now! #AlexTrebeard A post shared by Jeopardy! (@jeopardy) on Sep 10, 2018 […]

    Giant Salmon

    A fisherman in Michigan caught a salmon that measured 41.5 inches long and weighed in at a staggering 32 pounds.

    Homecoming Queen and Football Hero

    A girl in Mississippi had quite the night… not only was she crowned homecoming queen, but she also kicked the game winning field goal.

    Sonogram Longhorns

    A couple of parents who are Texas A&M graduates were none to happy to find out that their unborn baby is a Texas fan!

    Rat Pulls Alarm

    A condo building in Washington DC had to be evacuated after a rat “pulled” the fire alarm.

    Rider Grabs Rival’s Handle Bars

    Check out this scary scene from a recent motorcycle race…

    Early Bird

    This guy was so pumped up for Thursday night’s Eagles season opener that he got to the stadium 14 hours before kickoff.

    Paid to Vacation

    A resort in Mexico is looking for someone who wants to go on a year long paid vacation. Any takers? Then click here.             View this post on Instagram                     Say YES to a one-year salary of $120,000 USD plus travel […]