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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Arnold Palmer Makes an Arnold Palmer

    One of the greatest “This is Sportscenter” commericals featured Arnold Palmer making his signature drink.

    Giant Rubber Duckie On the Loose

    A runaway giant rubber duck in Scotland caused some havoc for morning commuters!

    French Bulldog “Speaks”!

    A French Bulldog in Canada gives new meaning to the command, speak!

    Stop and Smell the Corpse Flower

    A corpse flower at Dartmouth College has bloomed and his attracting, and repulsing, visitors. Visiting Morphy this weekend? Make sure to tag us in your photos! We can’t wait to see everyone who visits. #TeamMorphy pic.twitter.com/QfOaZKcErG — Dartmouth (@dartmouth) September 23, 2016

    Giant Pool Drop

    A California stunt jumper used his GoPro to catch his daring leap from a hotel balcony to an outdoor pool below.


    Can’t decide if you want a hamburger or a hotdog? Why not try a hamdog?

    Guy Opens Beer Can with Playing Cards

    Watch this kung-fu master throw playing cards at a can of beer and bust it open!

    A Strange Request

    A customer made a strange request at the hotel he was planning to stay at while making his reservation, and they came through big time. Seth Freeland made the odd request when making his reservations at the Huntley Hotel in California and posted about it, with some pictures, on Facebook…

    Fantastic Fan Catch

    On Sunday at Citizens Bank Park a Phillies’ fan made an out of this world catch, AND made it look like no big deal!

    Australian Traffic Jam

    A traffic jam in Melbourne was caused by an altercation you probably won’t have to worry about here in Berks County…  A fight between a dog and a kangaroo!