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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    6 Year Old Mc-y D’s

    A man in Canada was selling this 6 year old McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries online before Ebay pulled it down. I’m selling my 6 YEAR OLD McDonald’s Cheeseburger & Fries! You KNOW you want to buy them! https://t.co/299KSi8ZKV Get your own piece of undying history today!! Originally Purchased June 7, 2012 @cbcasithappens @oneredpaperclip @CTVKitchener @TheEllenShow […]

    Kit Kat Proposal

    A man who took some heat for the way he ate his first Kit Kat, used the candy in another unique way when he proposed to his girlfriend. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a Kit Kat before,” my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS pic.twitter.com/UQbuD3Etpg — Haley Byrd (@byrdinator) June 1, 2018 He still doesn’t […]

    Jurassic World: Florida

    Officials in Florida were called to a public park to wrangle this extra from the latest Jurassic World.

    Road Boat

    A driver in Tennessee caught a glimpse of an unexpected vehicle sharing the roadway.

    Kitty Scene Stealer

    Most of the time cats are pretty independent, but when they want attention… they REALLY want attention.  The Polish historian & political scientist Jerzy Targalski remained completely unruffled during our interview when this happened👇🤨🤷‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/4dLi16Pq1H — Rudy Bouma (@rudybouma) July 7, 2018

    KFC World Cup Commercial

    South Africa KFC has released a commercial inspired by World Cup “injuries.”

    Remodeling Surprise

    A couple remodeling their bathroom found a surprise hidden treasure left behind by the past owners.

    Drunk Seagulls

    According to reports from Britain, drunk seagulls are an increasing problem.

    Branch Crashes Wedding Interview

    A couple had their post wedding interview crashed, in more ways than one.

    This Wasn’t on the Driving Test

    A month after getting his driver’s license, a teen in Minnesota sent his car nose-first into an obstruction that for sure wasn’t on the driving test.