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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    A Boy and A Dog

    This may be the most adorable video the internet has ever seen… A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend. pic.twitter.com/9QBuaq4Ee2 — Chad Nelson (@CMNelsonPhoto) July 18, 2018

    Xtreme Tour de France

    A stunt cyclist brought the X games to the Tour de France with this insane jump over it’s competitors.

    Real Life Iron Man

    An inventor has developed a real-life Iron Man costume.

    Shirtless Goldblum

    A statue of a shirtless Jeff Goldbum has been unveiled in London to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Jurassic Park.” Can you believe #JurassicPark is 25? 🤭🦖🦕 To celebrate, we’ve created a Jurassic-sized homage to heartthrob Jeff Goldblum 😍😍😍 He’s waiting for you at Potter’s Field until dinner time tomorrow 🗓#JurassicJeff #JP25 pic.twitter.com/Oimt6WAc8A — NOW […]

    Watermelon Slicing Record

    This man has set the record for the most watermelons sliced on your stomach in 60 seconds.  Yep, it’s a thing.

    Power Drill Scare

    A driver in California got quite the scare when a power drill came crashing through their window. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

    Crazy Trick Shot

    Would you be willing to “assist” Phil Mickelson with this thrilling trick shot? I did flinch a bit but do you blame me? 😳😳😳#PhilMickelsonFlopShot @CallawayGolfEU @TheOpen pic.twitter.com/V0fyGOHuzE — GaryEvansPro (@garyevanspro) July 17, 2018

    Pug Mug Shot

    A lost dog was returned to it’s happy home thanks to this tongue-in-cheek police mug shot.

    Grizzly Bear Scare

    A kayaker in Canada got quite the fright when a grizzly bear’s curiosity got the best of him.

    Bat Building

    It’s not quite as cool as the Bat Cave, but workers at a Houston area building came to work to find one of the walls covered in bats!