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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Local Guy to Ride Bike Across the US

    Local Guy to Ride Bike Across the US

    Berks native, Jared Fenstermacher, is getting ready to ride 3,000 miles from Oregon to New Jersey! Prior to departing on this journey, he joined Mike K on The WEEU Morning Show. Hear Mike K’s interview with Jared by clicking here!

    Slip, Slide and Crash

    A Texas man fell 10 to 15 feet, landing on a rocky cliff, and suffered a broken arm, fractured ribs and cuts on his back after flying off of a backyard waterslide.

    Vendor Hit By Foul Ball

    An ice cream vendor at the Houston Astros and Oakland A’s game was struck in the backside by a foul ball that was hit into the stands.

    Wheelchair Speed Demon!

    Police in Barcelona, Spain are looking into a viral video that was posted on a Facebook page that appears to show a man in a wheelchair weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. Check out the out the video below:

    Ice Cream Delivered by Drone

    A British seaside ice cream shop has started using drones to deliver their frozen treats to beach-goers using a smartphone app.

    Bear Swims Next to Kayaker

    A kayaker on New York’s Hemlock Lake was visited by a black bear swimming alongside him and, of course, it was caught on video.

    Krispy Kreme Doughnut Soda

    Ladies and gentleman, we now have Krispy Kreme flavored soda!

    Couple Weds on Roller Coaster

    A North Carolina couple who had their first date at an the Carowinds Amusement Park decided to tie the knot on the Fury 325 roller coaster that they rode a dozen times on that first date.

    Coffee, Please

    A coffee shop in Virigina is getting some attention after a photo of their sign promoting politeness with selective pricing went viral. The sign reads: “Small coffee” $5.00 “Small coffee, please” $3.00 “Hello, one small coffee please.” $1.75 Watch this report from CBS WDBJ 7:  

    Baby Rocky

    Watch this little guy channel his inner fictional heavyweight champion!