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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Bear Charges Man

    A California man who was attempting to scare off a trash eating bear, ended up having the tables turned on himself.

    Dolphin Jumps on Surfer

    A champion surfer in Australia got quite the surprise when a dolphi lept out of the water and onto him while he was “hanging ten.”

    Does This 3 Month Old Baby Talk?

    Give this video a watch and a close listen. Do you think this 3 month old baby is saying, “I love you,” to his mom?

    Proposal Doesn’t Go As Planned

    This wedding proposal didn’t quite go as smoothly as the would-be groom probably planned. Your browser does not support iframes.

    Anchors Lose It

    Ready for a laugh? Watch these actors lose it after reading a story about a British designer who recently won an award for living as a goat for three days.

    “The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done”

    A Canadian man risked being sprayed when he bravely attempted to rescue a skunk with a Coca-Cola can stuck on its head. During the rescue, the man called the rescue “the bravest thing I’ve ever done.”  Judge for yourself…

    Soberstock - Saturday, October 1st

    Soberstock – Saturday, October 1st

    Wife Throws Husband’s Lunch From Balcony

    Forgot your lunch? It’s no problem if you have a sunroof and your wife has impeccable aim.

    A.I. Writes a “Beatles” Song

    Since the Beatles can’t reunite and release new music, scientists at Sony’s CSL research lab have come up with an alternative: a song written by artificial intelligence that sounds like it could’ve been penned by the boys from Liverpool.  What do you think… does it sound like a Beatles tune?

    iPhone 7 Headphone PRANK Video

    A video tutorial, which is obviously a PRANK, shows folks how to add a headphone jack to your new iPhone 7.