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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Amazing Price is Right Moment

    Check out this clip from a recent episode of Price is Right where all 3 contestants were able to spin $1!

    Extreme Pumpkin (and more) Chunkin

    At a chunkin pumpkin-destruction event in New Hampshire, a giant catapult was used to fling a 1,300-pound pumpkin.  But, that wasn’t enough, they also flung a car and a piano.

    Baby Elephant to the Rescue

    At a Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a baby elephant was filmed rushing to the rescue of her human friend who appeared to be drowning in river rapids.

    Shark Breaks INTO Shark Cage

    A California man on vacation in Mexico, captured a memory he won’t soon forget on video when a great white shark managed to break into, and then quickly out of, a cage that had a diver inside at the time. Luckily, the diver was swim out of the scary situation unscathed.

    World’s Clumsiest Customer or Pricy Stunt?

    Last month, a surveillance camera captured an unidentified man appearing to accidentally knock over four television sets at an electronics store causing more than $6,000 worth of damage. Some are calling it a pricy publicity stunt…  you be the judge. via GIPHY

    Batman vs Creepy Clowns

    The creepy clowns aren’t just an issue here in the US, they’re also a problem in England. But luckily for the citizens in the town of Cumbria, Batman is on the case! Check out he video he posted to assure the local kids that they have nothing to worry about.

    Raccoon Steals Kid’s Phone

    A college kid in Kentucky had his phone stolen by a raccoon who apparently had to make a very important call. I WAS TRYNNA VIDEO A RACCOON AND IT JUST PICKED UP MY PHONE AND TOOK OFF pic.twitter.com/sFWxdnkxbw — Guy Williams (@ThatShamuGuy) October 12, 2016

    Tortoise Toasts The Hair

    Slow and steady wins the race… again!

    Front Porch Fishing

    A family whose neighborhood was flooded by Hurricane Matthew decided to make the best of a terrible situation and do a little front porch fishing!

    Female Football Player Viral Sensation

    Kelly Macnamara is the first female football player in North Penn High School history and is now a viral video star!  Macnamara, a sophomore, is the team’s kicker and punter, and a video of her flattening an opposing punt returner during her team’s 33-14 win over Central Bucks East on Sunday has nearly leveled the internet. […]