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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show


    I guess it’s better than a Sharknado…

    Roaches are Forever

    The Bronx Zoo wants you to know that nothing says love like a Hissing Cockroach.

    Feathered Fare Dodger

    Something tells me this pigeon didn’t pay his fare…


    A Canadian crafted this car from snow inspired by the Delorean from Back to the Future. His work of art got a lot of attention, especially from the local police.

    Circle Game Swearing In

    The new governor of New Jersey’s son appears to play the old “circle game” with some friends during his dad’s swearing in.

    Penguin Surprise

    This penguin goes where he wants, when he wants. When a #penguin drops in to check on your work. 📷 Matthew McKay#Antarctica #justanotherdayattheoffice #awesome pic.twitter.com/f7jsB1ZV2z — Antarctic Division (@AusAntarctic) January 17, 2018

    Get Out of Work Ticket

    Police in Texas wrote a Facebook commenter the kind of ticket you don’t mind getting….  a “Get Out of Work Free” ticket!

    Fire (Truck) Sale

    In the market for a used fire truck?

    Fishermen Overboard!

    These fisherman narrowly escaped this deadly collision.

    G’day Texas!

    Texas police were in hot pursuit of this kangaroo who was on the loose!