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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Moniak Robs a Homer

    Fightin Phil Mickey Moniak made this unbelievable homerun stealing catch!

    Stenson Selfie

    At this weekend’s US OPEN, Henrik Stenson hit a man on the head with an arrant golf shot, but did his best to make it up to him with this very unique selfie.  Henrik Stenson nailed a guy in the crowd with his second shot on 16. Guy was on the ground, down for the […]

    Knife Head

    Residents in a Texas community are trying to figure out just how this alligator ended up with a knife sticking out of the top of it’s head.

    Ultra Tank

    This Bentley in Russia has been modified to be a real crusher.

    Blue Lobster

    This blue lobster has it’s unique color to thank for saving it from the dinner plate.

    HUGE Sturgeon

    Some fishermen in Canada reeled in this monster 62 inch, 800 pound sturgeon.

    Utley Really Hates the Mets

    Chase Utley isn’t shy when it comes to his feelings on the New York Mets. .@LAJohnHartung: "Do you really hate the New York Mets?"Chase: "I do… I do" 😂 Get to know more about the Silver Fox. ⬇️📺 #ChaseOnChase pic.twitter.com/7ohdGSlwFk — SportsNet LA (@SportsNetLA) June 12, 2019

    Dangerous Gender Reveal

    This Florida couple used an alligator in their gender reveal!

    Which One Wednesday

    Answer today’s WHICH ONE WEDNESDAY question!

    World’s Fastest Lawnmower

    Does it take too long to mow your grass? Then you may be interested in the new world’s fastest lawnmower!