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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Kid Inhales Dog Toy

    As a parent, how many times have you yelled… “Take that out of your mouth”? Well, this is why. A boy accidentally inhaled a dog toy and had to go to the emergency room, and lucky for us, mom took a moment to conduct an impromptu interview.

    Superman on a Bike

    Watch this pro cyclist assume a Superman-like position on a downhill portion of a course in order to reach top speed. Warning…  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

    100 Year Old Beer Pong Champion

    Watch this grandmother dominate the beer pong table at her 100th birthday!

    Student Gets Stuck

    It didn’t quite go as planned for a student from the University of Pittsburgh who was trying to impress a woman by leaping from one rooftop to another.  But instead, he fell into a narrow gap between the buildings near campus and had to be rescued. For more, watch the video below from CBS Pittsburgh:

    PokemonGO Stampede

    A rare Pokemon caused a stampede of PokemonGo players in Taiwan!

    Grand Slam Finds Ironic Landing Spot

    A minor league baseball player hit a grand slam on Sunday afternoon that landed in a spot that’s going to cost the player a pretty penny. For more, watch this repory from FOX2:

    Olympic Wresting Meets WWE

    Olympic Wresting Meets WWE

    The Olympics wrapped up yesterday with some controversy on the wrestling mat that quickly turned into a scene right out of the WWE. To see more, click here!

    Medal Worthy Olympic Spirit!

    Jim and Karen Epler of Bern Township show off their Olympic Spirit by placing an American flag in their front yard for every medal the USA wins! To read more click here and watch the video below from Philadelphia’s NBC1o.

    Belly Flop Champ Crowned in Norway

    A water park in Norway hosted their annual “belly flop” diving competition.   The contestants are judged on their speed, height, power and the distance of their jump, how wide they spread the body, how late they curl and the size of the spray of water when they land. Watch some of the events best […]

    Sea Lion Catches A Ride

    A sea lion in the Gulf of Cortez hopped on the back platform of a fishing boat and caught himself a quick snack.