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    Latest Posts from The WEEU Morning Show

    Xmas Stocking Stuffer: Rock in a Pouch

    Xmas Stocking Stuffer: Rock in a Pouch

    Nordtrom is offering a new product online just in time for the holidays… it’s an $85 rock in a leather pouch. In response to this item, we give you… Keller’s $12.99 “Stick in a Sandwich Bag!”

    Snowboarding Daredevil Towed by Jeep

    A daredevil in Canada who was excited by the first snow of the season, celebrated by hitching himself to the back of a Jeep and snowboarding through the streets of an Ontario city.

    Hershey Bears Teddy Bear Toss

    The Hershey Bears’ “teddy bear toss” event resulted in a record 20,662 stuffed animals being thrown onto the ice!  Check out the video and participate in the Reading Royals’ “teddy bear toss” this Saturday night.

    Prince Light Show

    A family in Minnesota is paying tribute to Prince with a 10,000 purple bulb Christmas light show that features the song “Purple Rain.”

    Spider Lifts Gecko

    A woman in Australia captured an unusual scene, even for for our friends Down Under, when she videoed a giant huntsman spider eating a gecko.

    Hedgehog Uses iPhone

    A pet owner in Japan discovered that her iPhone’s Touch ID can be unlocked using the paw print from her pet hedgehog. ハーリーついにiPhoneデビュー💓#ハリネズミ #ハーリー#指紋認証 #拡散希望 #可愛い pic.twitter.com/ek4Z6mR93c — ハーリーとモーグー✲*゚ (@ha_ri_ay) November 25, 2016

    Dude Fights ‘Roo

    A man in Australia was forced to come to the rescue of his dog, who was stuck in a headlock by an aggressive kangaroo. 

    Join Their Force

    Check out this recruitment video from the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas that features a few familiar characters from the Star Wars universe!

    The Mummy

    A reboot of the Mummy will be the initial movie in a new Universal Pictures Monster Franchise! Check out the first trailer for the film that stars Tom Cruise.

    Christmas Light Thief

    A Seattle woman whose home was targeted by a Christmas light-stealing bulb bandit was eventually able to catch the culprit in the act and it wasn’t who or what she expected!