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    Straight Talk March 4th, 2019

    The Soul Happy Book, by Psychotherapists, and authors, Tracy Zboril, MSW & Cara Hewett, MA  is a powerful tool to help you, “Reprogram Your Mind, using groundbreaking techniques, bridging science and spirituality.” This lively, informative, compelling, and informative interview, will open your mind to new advances in neuroscience, including terms, such as: Neuroplasticity of the brain, […]

    Straight Talk February 26th, 2019

    Have A Great Dream, by psychologist, and dream analyst, and author, Layne Dalfen, is the definitive handbook to “Decoding Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential”. Having 45 years of experience at interpreting dreams, and having appeared on: FOX, NBC, ABC, and many other media outlets, in this interview, the author gives perfect examples of […]

    Straight Talk February 18th, 2019

    Charming Cheaters, by speaker, author, and board-certified physician, Nicole Kelly, M.D. is a brilliant exposé, written, so that you can “Protect Yourself from the Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Sexopaths In Your Life.” Once you start reading this book, putting it down will not be an option. It’s just that good! Listen, as Dr. Nicole explains the […]

    Straight Talk February 11th, 2018

    Emotional Emancipation, by International speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, Dr. Dee Carroll, is your handbook to “Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond”. Listen, as Dr Carroll tells how she went from rags to riches, and because of a betrayal by a trusted individual, lost it all. Her answer was to not give […]

    Straight Talk February 4th, 2018

    Adrenaline Dominance, by Board-Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine, specializing in wellness and hormone therapy, Michael E. Platt, M.D. is truly a “Revolutionary Approach To Wellness. Listen, and be amazed as Dr. Platt shares the causes and treatments of many of the most common, and yet debilitating illnesses that afflict us. He explains in detail: the […]

    Straight Talk January 28th, 2019

    Red Key Revolution, by Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Jordan Kemper, is your pathway to “Redefining Success for a Life of Significance”. Listen, as Jordan explains the true definition of words like: happiness, success, significance, commitment, fulfillment, perseverance, and faith. This is truly the “feel good” interview and book of the year. He address the […]

    Straight Talk January 21st, 2019

    The Science of Intuition, by Intuitive Expert, Spiritual Psychic,Speaker, Trainer, and Author, Nora Truscello, teaches us: “How to Access the Inner-net of Intuitive Knowledge”. In this incredibly fascinating and entertaining interview you’ll learn: How to develop and trust your intuitive hits; How to see “auras”; how to understand “Remote Viewing”, and many other incredible insights […]

    Straight Talk January 14th

    Just Breathe, by teacher, healer, and world-renowned pioneer in the field of Breathwork, Dan Brule, is the definitive handbook to the benefits of understanding the healing powers of proper breathing. In this exciting interview and book, you’ll learn why proper “awareness” of your breathing, and practicing “conscious” breathing, may be the ticket to anti-aging and […]

    Straight Talk January 7th 2018

    Broken To Branded, by entrepreneur and author Kat Chrysostom, is a moving, motivating and entertaining story of a young woman, who turned a tragic accident into an incredible business enterprise. Her tale is truly about how to “Surpass Your Fears, Find Your Purpose, & Take Control.” Against all odds of her recovery, she turned her […]

    Straight Talk January 3rd, 2019

    Find Your Voice… As a Leader, by Executive Coach, Consultant, and Author, Paul N. Larsen, will help you discover your voice, by: uncovering your core values, knowing the differences between “intentions” and “outcomes”, developing your brand, and making courageous decisions. Everyone of these skills is explained in detail, and in layman’s language, so that you […]