Straight Talk – July 16th, 2018

    Click here for this week’s “Straight Talk” with Nick Lawrence Life’s One Law, by personal and business advisor, and Amazon #1 bestselling author, Dr Philip Agrios, is “Nature’s Blueprint For Repeatable Success In Life And Business”. Listen, as Dr. Philip explains his six step Blueprint, which corresponds to his six seasons of nature, rather than […]

    Straight Talk – July 9th, 2018

    Listen to Podcast >>> Heal Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life, by Computer Engineer, Inventor, Writer, and Healer, Susana Stoica, Ph.D., is one of the most informative shows that you will listen to, all year. Because of a double brain injury in her own life, and how it affected her, the author discusses the symptoms, consequences, […]

    Mountain Folk Radio and Web Show

    Mountain Folk Radio and Web Show

    Click here for the Mountain Folk Show 7-8-18 Join East Side Dave for a weekly one-hour trip up the trail to “the mountain” to enjoy an assortment of bluegrass, Celtic, old-time, outdoor-themed and acoustic Appalachian & Alpine mountain music. Seasonal outdoor activities are discussed as is the rich heritage of folk music here in the […]

    Straight Talk – June 18, 2018

    Listen to podcast >>>   How to Survive Life’s Perfect Storms, by Professor, Performance Coach, Speaker, and Author, Klara Gubacs-Collins, Ph.D, is “A Guide To Managing Personal, Career and Relationship Transitions”. This high energy guest will inform, motivate, and inspire you to answer the knock on your door that has been calling you everyday, to […]

    Straight Talk – June 2, 2018

    Listen to podcast >>> Evading Death’s Grip, by leadership professor and author, Dr. Steven W. Long,  recounts the author’s Supernatural experiences, as a result of “flat-lining” an amazing nine times!  In this highly engaging interview, Dr. Long explains, in vivid detail, his encounter with spiritual beings of light, and a world of darkness. He has […]

    Straight Talk – May 28, 2018

    Listen to podcast >>> Principal’s Passion, by speaker, trainer, facilitator, and author, Susan A. Colton, is one woman’s journey through life, and A Quest for Quality Public Education. Our guest has made it her life’s work to restore control of public education to the hands of the community, that it serves. Listen as she discusses, […]

    Straight Talk – May 21, 2018

    Listen to podcast >>> The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables, by essayist, teacher, naturalist, and author, Catherine Reid, is an inspiring, captivating, and entertaining look at The Enchanting Island that inspired L.M. Montgomery. Breathtaking photography, beautifully illustrated text, and a masterfully woven story of a most fascinating woman, Maud Montgomery, await you, as you […]

    Straight Talk – May 14, 2018

      Click here for this week’s Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence The Best Kept Money Secret In Your Insurance Policy, by speaker, author, attorney, and financial planner, David Kottler, will open your eyes to a subject that most people don’t understand, but potentially can change our lives, or the lives of our loved ones. Listen, […]

    Straight Talk – May 7, 2018

    Click here for this week’s Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence Into The Raging Storm, by the Boston-based journalist, writer, and editor, Rachel Slade, is a spell-binding, gripping true story of the tragic loss of the huge container ship, the El Faro, on September 29th, 2015. Listen, as the author describes in chilling detail, how, why, […]

    Straight Talk – April 30, 2018

    Click here for this week’s Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence Genius Foods , by Filmmaker, TV personality, and science journalist, Max Lugavere, is your path to how to “Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive, While Protecting Your Brain For Life.” Max is a regular “core expert” on the Dr. Oz Show, and has been featured […]