Diners Ignore Flood

    Diners at a restaurant in China didn’t seem to mind the rising floodwaters around their table as they sat there and enjoyed a hot meal.

    Train Runner

    A man filming a musician at a Texas bar ended up seeing something you definitely don’t see every day…  someone running on top of a moving train!

    Coroner Scared to Death

    A California sheriff’s office shared video of a coroner who was none to eager to remove a dead snake from a roadway.


    A firenado in Texas was caught on camera swirling high up into the sky at the edge of a wildfire.

    Pizza Order Fail

    This online pizza order did NOT go as planned. My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead pic.twitter.com/cAhd1ymMsg — bj stead (@whosrobertseed) July 7, 2017

    GoT Cake

    This life-sized Tyrion Lannister cake will run you $27,000!

    This Road’s Been Slimed

    The Oregon Department of Transportation was forced to call in a bulldozer when a truck overturned on a highway and lost it’s load of slime eels. OSP @OregonDOT & @LincolnCountySO on scene overturned #Slime #Eel truck Hwy101 MP131 closed. #Cleanup on Aisle 101 pic.twitter.com/Z9s9XbQ247 — Oregon State Police (@ORStatePolice) July 13, 2017

    Horse Riding Dog

    A Labrador retriever in Texas was caught on video riding a horse using it’s custom made saddle.

    Husband Storage Pods

    A mall in China has unveiled their video game-equipped “husband storage pods.”

    Elevator Burnout

    Australian police are on the lookout for the man who’s responsible for motorcycle burnout in an elevator.