Marathoner Rolls to Finish

    A runner who fell before the finish line was forced to roll the final few feet of the 26.2 mile race.

    Crab Hero

    Crab Hero

    Watch this crab climb out of the pot and turn off the heat in an attempt to save his fellow would-be main course-ers. Click here to see the video!

    Bulldozer Chase

    An Illinois police department released dashboard camera footage from a chase that involved a stolen bulldozer.

    6 Guests, Same Dress

    6 Guests, Same Dress

    Six women at a wedding in Australia, which was attended by about 200 people, showed up in the same $128 dress.

    Tee Retriever

    Boise State has the most entertaining kickoff tee retriever in the history of college football! Boise State has a dog who retrieves the tee after Kickoffs and I’ve never seen anything so pure pic.twitter.com/J4wBy3dgzY — Javen Knott (@jjbadluck) September 15, 2017 There are some Good Dogs on The Blue this morning! Our friends at A […]

    GoPro Meets Gator

    This guy decided to put his brand new GoPro to the ultimate test!

    Another Toilet Snake

    A snake catcher in Australia said a family was lucky to evade injuries when a venomous snake camped out in their toilet bowl.

    Ferris Wheel Fall

    A fair worker in North Carolina was trying to fix a broken Ferris wheel when he fell from the ride and suffered minor injuries.  Watch the frightening video below:

    “Roberts Rankings” – H.S. Football

    Here are the “Roberts Rankings” for Berks County high school football:   Big Schools: 1. Gov. Mifflin         (3-1) 2. Wilson                  (1-2) 3. Exeter                   (2-1) 4. Muhlenberg         (1-2)   Small Schools: […]

    Cheerleader Tackled

    Watch this poor unsuspecting Chiefs’ cheerleader get leveled by this photographer!  Good news…  she’s ok. TRUCK STICK. pic.twitter.com/OohfN24eK5 — 81 Olives (@TerrellChuggs) September 17, 2017