Drawer Opossums

    A woman in Alabama who found an opossum napping in her dresser drawer said she found a second opossum in another drawer the next day, and eventually a third opossum.

    Blind Driver

    A driver was pulled over for cruising around with his hood blocking the SUV’s windshield.

    Flamingo World Record

    A Florida woman who has 793 flamingo-related items had her collection officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

    Brothers Team Up to Beat Fridge Lock

    A mom in North Carolina captured video of her young sons overcoming her refrigerator lock by implementing some Mission Impossible style teamwork.

    Swan Pursues Police Officer

    A jogger in Orlando, Florida was able to captured video of a police officer’s encounter with a swan that chased him around his SUV. @HLNTV @RobinMeade Goose assaulting an officer in Orlando, FL. LaKe Eola Park. pic.twitter.com/EwlXZZfkQU — Darrell Harbin (@DHarb12) May 19, 2017

    T-Rex Frightens Horses

    A woman in North Carolina is facing charges after police said she scared a pair of carriage horses while dressed as a Tyrannosaurus. Live5News.com | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

    Westworld-Like Robots

    According to a company in New Zealand, robots like we saw in the HBO series’ “West World” could enter our homes in as little as ten years. 


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    Epic Dad Dance

    An Arizona man has become a viral dance sensation after he decided to “bust a move” for a news helicopter.

    Sea Lion Scare

    A sea lion terrified a crowd at Steveston Wharf in British Columbia when it pulled a young girl into the water by her dress.