Tumbleweed Takeover

    A southern California town has been invaded by tumbleweed!

    Opossum Intruder

    A woman had to call 911 for help with an opossum that invaded her living room.

    Engineer Makes Giant Robot

    An engineer in Japan has created this 28-foot tall robot that weighs in at more than 7 tons.

    World’s Worst Villain

    This has to be the worst disguise in the history of burglaries…

    World Record Dog Photoshoot

    An upcoming dog documentary was able to gather a herd of dogs big enough to set a world record!

    Florida Monkey Sighting

    The infamous Florida monkey which has been on the loose for a few weeks has been sighted once again!

    Hole Pluggers

    Think you had a tough day at the office? How about these guys who were tasked with attempting to fix a hole in the Rogers Centre roof!

    Grizzly Soccer Pregame

    A bear delivered the official game ball to the ref prior to this soccer match in Russia.

    What is THAT?!?!

    This unidentified creature is causing havoc in Argentina.

    Cranky Weather Guy

    This meteorologist in Michigan is sick and tired of his coworkers whining about the less than desirable weather.