Swift Inspired Traffic Report

    Watch as this reporter from St. Louis’ KMOV celebrated the release of Taylor Swift’s new album by mixing in many of the singer’s songs into her morning traffic report.

    Great White Breach

    Check out this dramatic video out of South Africa that captured footage of a massive great white shark jumping all the way out of the water.

    Mermaid Fitness

    A hotel in California is offering a “Mermaid Fitness” exercise class that’s designed to build core strength.

    Dry Clean Bag Dress

    There have been some interesting choices in fashion over the years, but this has to be one of the more outlandish. Click HERE to get yours :)! Moschino is selling a dress made of a plastic dry cleaning bag for $735 https://t.co/fUDyPlqkY7 — TIME (@TIME) November 8, 2017

    Real Life Iron Man

    A real life Iron Man-like set a new Guinness World Record for fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine powered suit.

    UFO Chicken Coop

    A couple of self-proclaimed “nerds” who needed a larger coop for their growing flock of chickens built what has to be the world’s first UFO chicken coop.

    Head-y Issue

    A car salesman got his head stuck in a door while attempting to show off the vehicle’s safety features.

    Used Car: The Movie!

    A  filmmaker in Los Angeles created this commercial to help his girlfriend sell her 1996 Honda Accord.

    Ranch Keg

    Can’t get enough ranch dressing? Then wrap your taste buds around this…

    Uber Sky

    In 2020 Uber is planning to take its on-demand service to the skies of LA.