Swan Stuck

    Deputies in Minnesota came to the rescue when a group of women found themselves stranded on a giant inflatable swan.

    Lancaster Outlets Sinkhole

    Some shoppers got more than just bargains when they parked at some Lancaster Outlets this weekend… Parking lot sinkhole continues to grow as shoppers watch in Lancaster, PA NE-010SU pic.twitter.com/F7IpVYUUxV — CNN Newsource (@CNNNewsource) August 12, 2018

    A Very Unique Talent

    Some talents just aren’t quite as marketable as others…

    Pricey Gucci Sneakers

    Are these the ugliest things you can buy for $1,500? Would you pay $1,590 for these Gucci Sneakers? https://t.co/rYqDcJvNuT pic.twitter.com/oTa8I4Irzo — New York Post (@nypost) August 12, 2018

    Car Lot Flood

    These vehicles were swept away during some flooding at a New Jersey car dealership.

    Leaky Train Ride

    Commuters in the Phillipines had to break out the umbrellas when the roof of their train sprung many leaks.

    Teacher Rows to a Record

    An Ohio teacher set quite the impressive record when he rowed from Canada to England.

    Sky-High Trick Shot

    A Harlem Globetrotters player, Bull Bullard, showed off his trick shot skills by sinking a basket tossed from an airplane.

    Umpire Has Moth Removed From Ear

    This poor umpire had to have a moth removed from his ear during the game. Oh nothing, just an MLB umpire pulling A GIGANTIC LIVE BUG OUT OF HIS EAR. pic.twitter.com/wDvLDVVdu9 — YES Network (@YESNetwork) August 9, 2018

    A Flipping Record

    A pair of martial arts schools in China faced off on TV for an unusual front-flipping Guinness World Record.