Turkey Terror

    This youngster in Wisconsin had the scare of his life when he was chased through his neighborhood by a terrorizing turkey!

    Holiday Pothole

    Folks in Wilkes-Barre took care of a pesky pothole with a dose of holiday spirit.

    Space Selfie

    NASA’s InSight Lander has done when we all do when we arrive at a new location…  it took a selfie! First #selfie! I’m feeling healthy, energized and whole. This is me on #Mars. https://t.co/JJzFgSgh9q pic.twitter.com/wSN2OycHNO — NASA InSight (@NASAInSight) December 11, 2018

    Cheesy Record

    A store in Connecticut has unveiled a record setting cheese sculpture.

    Straight Talk 12/10/18

    The Monster Under The Bed, by NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Planning Coach, and Author, Kim Fiske, is all about, “Uncovering The Lie That Drives Us.” What is that lie you ask? It’s the lie that we have told ourselves, about who we are, how we define ourselves, and how and why we love, or don’t […]

    Brick Laying Domino Effect

    Who knew brick laying could be this entertaining? Brick Domino Effect: Laying bricks A chain reaction Once the last brick falls, the domino effect starts again in reverse When the last brick falls, it slides just far enough for the previous brick to fall in place, starting a chain reaction in the reverse direction pic.twitter.com/YO94gVj8lA […]

    Butt Bell

    A moose in Alaska gave a couple a scare, then a chuckle when it rang their doorbell with it’s backside. 

    Shoulder Squirrel

    This squirrel is apparently looking for a little part time holiday work.

    Highwire Record

    A man in Switzerland sit a highwire record with some impressive balance and a chair.

    Mars Wind

    Thanks to the Insight Rover, we now know what wind on Mars sounds like.