Officer Batman

    A man attempting to steal DVDs from a Walmart was brought to justice by Forth Worth police officer dressed as Batman.

    Interactive TV

    Netflix is introducing interactive kids shows.

    Sumo Robots

    This video from Japan highlights a series of high-speed battles between autonomous sumo wrestling robots.

    Yoga Record

    A group of nearly 300,000 people gathered in India on International Yoga Day to participate in a Guinness World record-breaking yoga session. Lakhs of Yogis made a Guinness World record of largest yoga session of the world in Ahemdabad today pic.twitter.com/RhKfvdlkPU — Swami Ramdev (@yogrishiramdev) June 21, 2017

    Brandon Leibrandt-Fightin Phils

    Click here for the Podcast with Brandon Leibrandt: Brandon Leibrandt is having a solid season for the Reading Fightin Phils.  The 24-year-old lefty is 5-2 with a 3.65 ERA.  His father, Charlie, pitched for 14 years in the majors.  He won a World Series with the Royals in 1985.  WEEU’s Paul Roberts spoke with Brandon […]

    Trash Rat

    This rat in New York will stop at nothing to get it’s dinner out of this trash bag!

    NOT a Dog Toy!

    A woman in California who thought she was picking up a dog toy was startled after realizing that she accidentally grabbed a real snake instead!

    Anchor Burp Bring Giggles

    A pair of news anchors at WBTV in North Carolina began laughing hysterically after one of them was surprised by an accidental belch on air.

    Mary Poppins Traffic Lights

    A city in Australia is set to feature an image of Mary Poppins in the traffic lights on its pedestrian walkways to honor the author of the book series.

    Alarm Clock Stuck in Wall

    An alarm clock stuck in a wall has been going off at the same time for the last thirteen years…  Learn more by watching this report from KDKA.