Arkansas’ Gator-zila

    Three hunters in Arkansas bagged a nearly 12 foot over 500 pound alligator!

    Lost Engagement Ring Couple Do-Over

    The couple who went viral after their engagement ring fell into a creek got a do over from Jimmy Kimmel.

    World’s Largest Gameboy

    This kid took his love for Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy to another level.

    Creative Sign Electrifies

    A woman in Florida who was left without power after Hurricane Irma says that a flirtatious sign she put up helped her get her electricity restored.

    Man vs Marlin

    A boat crew attempting to tag a marlin off the coast of Australia captured the moment the fish jumped over the boat and nearly took out a crew member.

    Dad Bod Fanny Pack

    Can’t quite nail down your dad bod and need a place to store things? Then you need one of these….   #dadbag A post shared by The Dadbag (@thedadbag) on Sep 15, 2017 at 7:23am PDT

    McNugget Giveaway

    A Phillies fan made a bold statement on Twitter, and then had to pay up in the form of Chicken McNuggets! ICYMI: @Damon_Miller_Jr went from just a regular guy to a regular guy who gave out chicken nuggets to Phillies fans. pic.twitter.com/Mw6XEDZEsM — Phillies (@Phillies) September 20, 2017

    Rage Room

    Would you try a rage room to relieve some of the stress and aggression in your life?

    Police Get the Last Laugh

    A Scottish police department went viral for their response to a commenter who pointed out an officer’s less than perfect parking job.

    Man Bikes Around the World

    An endurance athlete set a world record for biking around the world!