Mean Girl Returns to HS

    Mean Girls writer, Tina Fey returned to her Upper Darby High School yesterday.  Thank you, @MsTinaFey, for your visit today! #UDRoyalPride pic.twitter.com/wcYfiHloOM — Upper Darby SD (@UpperDarbySD) May 23, 2018

    Looking For a New Commode King

    A Texas man is literally looking for the heir to his thrones…

    TP Pyramid

    Feast your eyes on the new toilet paper pyramid world record holder…

    Cat Hangs Ten on Van Roof

    A family may have saved all nine of this feline’s live.

    Kiddie Golf Trick

    This trick didn’t quite go as planned… The trick was probably inspired by David Feherty’s death defying stunt with John Daly.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Baseball!

    A high school baseball game in Connecticut was decided with some rock, paper, scissors!

    This Bust is a Bust

    Soccer star Brandi Chastain was inducted into the San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame on Monday, but the bust on her plaque isn’t quite right.

    Double Dare is Back!

    Relive all the fun of Double Dare from back in the day, and get ready for new episodes with this video…

    Screaming Lynx

    A man in Canada came across two shrieking at one another and and was able to catch the whole scene on video.

    Scratch and Stiff Stamps

    The question is, do you scratch and sniff when you mail it out or when you receive. First-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps coming soon to a Post Office™ near you! https://t.co/iioGH4DoyJ #FrozenTreatsStamps pic.twitter.com/jJLHjLz7R5 — U.S. Postal Service (@USPS) May 22, 2018