Bigfoot, is that You?

    Bigfoot, is that You?

    A North Carolina man was walking his dog when he saw (what he thinks is) Bigfoot!  Before he could get a closeup, his Yorkshire terrier scared the supposed Sasquatch back into the wilderness… So, is this the real deal? What do you think?

    Andrew Knapp on WEEU

    Click here for the Podcast with Andrew Knapp: Andrew Knapp is opening a lot of eyes in the Phillies organization.  The 23-year-old catcher is hitting .385 with four home runs and 34 RBIs through his first 31 games with Double-A Reading.  He was a second round pick in 2013.  WEEU’s Paul Roberts found out more about […]

    Straight Talk – August 08, 2015

    Click here for this week’s Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence Lessons Of Lifelong Intimacy, by Therapist and NYT, bestselling author of 28 books, Michael Gurian, is exactly “what-the-doctor-ordered”, if you are already in a relationship, contemplating being in one, or about to leave one. Before you proceed in any direction, you’ll want to listen to this […]

    Meet the Ejector Bed

    Meet the Ejector Bed

    Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?  If so, maybe the Ejector Bed is for you!

    Hitchbot Attacked in Philly

    Here’s the surveillance video of the hitchhiking robot, Hitchbot, getting attacked in Philadelphia.

    Pet of the Week- Rocky!

    Pet of the Week- Rocky!

    GABC’s pet of the week is Rocky!  He is an adorable 10 year old Pomeranian looking to find his forever home!  He does have some health issues, which is to be expected with his age, but his personality makes up for it!  He is very spunky and would make anyone a great pet.  Rocky is […]

    Straight Talk – July 30, 2015

    Click here for this week’s Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence The Thriver’s Edge, by Master Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Speaker, and Author, Donna Stoneham,Ph.D., is the definitive guide and manual on how to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears. Are you more afraid of success than you are of failure? The answer may  surprise you. This […]

    Get your tickets to The Martin's Flooring Taste of Home Cooking School & Expo!

    Get your tickets to The Martin’s Flooring Taste of Home Cooking School & Expo!

    Click here to purchase tickets online   Purchase tickets in person at WEEU Tickets available weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at WEEU Radio, 34 N. Fourth St., Reading, PA 19601. Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card accepted for in-person payments. Purchase tickets by phone Tickets available weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. by […]

    Craig Koller & Kutztown's Bicentennial

    Craig Koller & Kutztown’s Bicentennial

    On Wednesday, July 23, 2015, Craig Koller came on to Feedback w/ Mighty Mike Faust to talk about the upcoming Kutztown Bicentennial Celebration.  Craig brings up all the exciting events and activities that are coming to Kutztown for its 200th birthday! Click here to listen to his interview

    Personal Shark Cages

    Personal Shark Cages

    A couple vacationing on the North Carolina coast tried to use some homemade personal shark cages while wading into the Atlantic Ocean earlier this week… Read more about it by clicking here, then check out the video below!