• Meet the office staff

    Paul Druzba

    Paul writes the commercial and promotional copy you hear on WEEU. He does not do a show on the air, but his voice appears on some of the commercials.

    Paul is the author of “Neversink: Reading’s Other Mountain”- a history of Neversink Mountain in Reading. He also wrote and produced “Berks County- The First 250 Years,” a history video made in connection with the 250th anniversary of Berks County in 2002.

    Contact Paul at pdruzba@weeu.com



    Wanda Druzba

    Wanda is a Berks County native who LOVES to travel to faraway places. If she doesn’t have the money for a trip (usually), she loves to read about faraway places. (She has subscriptions to National Geographic magazine and Budget Travel.) She loves to read everything, (she’s in a book club that makes sure she gets a dose of whatever is out there.) She especially loves historical novels.

    Her spare time is invested in the local library (hooray for our local libraries!) and her church (where she still helps out with Sunday School, even though her kids are all grown and married). She’s married to Paul Druzba, Mr. Copy of WEEU. Paul indulges Wanda in her reading addiction, plus he keeps her vegetable garden alive when she gets, umm, distracted. He lets her drive when they go places and he doesn’t complain about it too much.

    She has three kids, all married, who live kinda close (Lancaster), not so close (Virginia) and far (Australia), plus two grandkids in Virginia. Yes, she has visited Australia to see her son. She lives in the woods in Union Township near French Creek State Park and her favorite times are the day she leaves to go on vacation, and the day she returns.

    Contact Wanda at wdruzba@weeu.com



    Linda White

    Linda is the receptionist at WEEU. When she’s not working, she likes spending time with her granddaughter.

    She also like craft shows and going to the beach.

    Contact Linda at lwhite@weeu.com